Friday, February 13, 2009

A Valentines Day Message

I currently work as a teacher's aide at a public jr. high. I have a college degree in design and art but how I ended up at this job is a long story. Today we celebrated Valentines day at the school. In the afternoon the students had parties consisting of treats and board games. I work with a wonderful young girl who is a special needs student. At the conclusion of the day the teacher whos classroom I work in, asked the students to write a letter to someone they care about. The teacher stated that the students must tell the person in the letter why they care about them. The girl I work with decided to write a letter to me. (awww!) She has been not listening to me lately and not working to her potential. This is the letter that she wrote me:

Dear Ms. H.,

I am sorry for everything I did. I would like another chance to be good. I love you as a good friend. Thank you for all your help.

She also made a collage for me here is the pic

Happy Valentines Day!

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